Hello, I’m Hazel – Wife, Stay at Home Mother and business owner of Nom Nom Cafe, our Mobile Coffee venture. nomnomcafe.ie

So I began this page in 2014 shortly after our son Fionn was born. We have two children now, Jessie came along in 2016. I started this page as I suppose I felt isolated, as most mothers do (despite all the resources we have these days) . I joined mummy and baby groups and had a small social circle of mummy friends but I still felt there was a need for a website for Mums in Cork. A place where mums could connect and see what was going on in Cork for families..I want to reach out especially to SAHM’s (Stay-At-Home-Mums) because that’s what I am. (at the moment!)

I have to say I do enjoy and appreciate the opportunity I have for staying at home, it’s a choice not every mother has…(or even wants) It definitely has it’s ups and downs. Thankfully, more ups than downs!¬† But it’s not easy, but nothing is.. I suppose. On tough days, I remind myself that these days are precious and will not last forever.

One of key things for me in How I make it work is Brendan (my husband) appreciating me and my role in the family. That what I do at home has value, as much value as his job does, going out to work and earning a wage. So in fact, we are both working, just in different ways. Treating each other as equals, the same amount of time off and the sharing of the housework. Of course I naturally do most of the housework (ahem..) but when he is home, he helps. It sounds very logical but it has taken me a while to grasp the fact that my role is just as important as his. I think it comes with the shock  of becoming a new mum and giving up everything for your baby..you loose a part of yourself..and self worth.. that I am only getting to piece back together in recent time.

I love my kids and wouldn’t change anything, they are the best part of our lives. We are so lucky to be parents and have the privilege of raising our babies, re-experiencing life through their eyes and mentoring them along their journey. Something to be very grateful for.

I hope this page is of use to you and gives you lots of ideas,

All the best,


The Fulltimemum x