My Top Tips for helping your little one SLEEP!

These are some tips that I have discovered that worked for me – I hope some of these may be helpful for you.

A bedtime ritual

For us, having a bedtime ritual has helped a lot. It encouraged Fionn to become familiar with “the going to bed” process and anticipate and prepare for sleep. This could be as simple as reading a story in their bedroom before they go to sleep, playing a soothing lullaby song in their room or having a bath before bed. A dark room was also key for us, no lights distracting them from going to sleep.

Naps during the day

Naps are essential for Fionn. He naps 3 times a day for about 1 hour each time and still sleeps a 12hr night. As he gets older he might not nap as often, but still naps in my opinion are the key for a happy child. So even though you might think that if your child naps during the day he may not sleep the night, this is not the case.

Daily Routine

Fionn eats, naps and does activities at roughly the same times every day. He usually wakes about 7am, naps about one hour after every meal (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and goes to bed at 7pm roughly every night. We find this set up works well for us and Fionn seems happy with it too!

Times are approximate


The soother has worked wonders for us, because Fionn was breastfed he slept in our bed up until 5months old and the only way he would sleep through the night without being attached to me was the wonderful Soother. His favourite comfort.

Their own room

Putting Fionn into his own room was a big step but also a great success, he actually slept better once he got used to it. It took us about 4 nights of going in and out to help him settle but after that it’s like he wouldn’t have it any other way. We sleep better too knowing that we won’t wake him with disturbances like going to the loo etc.

Sleeping Bag/Gro-Bag

These are great for keeping kiddies warm through the night, they attach with fasteners at the shoulders to stop your little ones kicking off the blankets during the night.

Temperature of Room

Sometimes if the room is too hot or too cold it can stop your little one from falling asleep. We found room temperature devices such as “Gro Egg” to be very reassuring. It plugs into the wall and lights up different colours depending on room temp.

Baby Monitor

For peace of mind and so you don’t have to keep running up and down the stairs/hall checking if they’re ok! Less disturbances for the baby.

Nappy check

Clean nappy before going to bed and we found sometimes that if Fionn was very unsettled during the night it was because he had a wet/dirty nappy – Worth a check if your little one is not settling or wakes crying during the night.