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A Letter to a Mother..

A Letter from a Working Mother to a Stay-At-Home Mother, and vice versa

By Dr. Carolyne EE – You can follow her on

This is a lovely article highlighting the struggles of working mums and stay-at-home mums from Dr. Carolyne EE, a Blogger based in Sydney, that I wanted to share with you.


Dear Stay-At-Home Mum

Some people have been questioning what you do at home all day. I know what you do. I know because I’m a mum and for a while I did it too.

I know you do unpaid work, often thankless work, which starts the moment you wake up, and doesn’t even end when you go to sleep. I know you work weekends and nights, with no discernible end to your day or working week. I know the rewards are joyous but few.


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