Get your figure back

Getting your figure back!

So it has come to that time when you are ready to get back into your favourite jeans, no more post baby excuses – you want to feel your confident self again.
Let’s be honest, there are really only two things you need to consider: your food intake and exercise. No diets, no need to deprive yourself completely of the foods you love – just simple will power and dedication.

My 6 Step Plan For Success:

It’s hard work & it’s ongoing, this isn’t just a 6 week plan this is a plan for life – so stick at it, you’ll have more energy in the long run and feel great.

1. Portion size

This is vital! Cutting your meal portions down makes a big difference – Use smaller dinner plates

2. Finish eating by 8pm

Pick a time that’s achievable for you and gradually bring it an hour closer to 8pm. Late night snacking is the most common cause for weigh gain.

 3. Go to bed earlier

Try going to bed at 11pm instead of 12 or 1am – this will make you less tired for the next day and give you more energy with your children.

 4. Drink Hot water & lemon

Substitute some of your teas/coffees for hot water & lemon at least once a day. This helps to clear toxins from your body and aids digestion.

5. Have your treats

Whether it’s a chocolate biscuit with your tea after dinner or a bowl of ice-cream for dessert – have it and more importantly enjoy it! The secret is to keep it to one or two biscuits or a small portion of ice-cream. It’s important to have your cravings but not to go overboard. Make those calories count – enjoy your treats, keep them to little amounts, it’s all part and parcel of a healthy diet.

 6. Get exercising

You should get at least 20mins of exercise every day. Walking is handy as you can bring the baba in the buggy. Pick something you love and make it a habit. Soon you’ll be dying for your exercise rather than making yourself go!

*Top Tip*

Another nice idea I came across was for every time you go for a walk/swim/run put €2 or an affordable amount into a jar, then at the end of the month or two/three months use the money you’ve earned to get yourself a pampering treat, for example a Massage/facial, trip to the cinema or dinner out with the girls!