Four ways to look after you..


We as mums are always thinking about everybody else, we are so busy with the kids and the running of the household we forget to think about our own needs.

1. Have some thinking time just for you

It’s so important for our own wellbeing that we have time to ourselves. A time when we can simply have peace and remember the person we were before we became mothers. Time to reconnect with ourselves and have a chance to pause our busy lives and appreciate things.

2. Find out what you love to do and fit it into the busy family schedule

For me, I love to go for a jog in the morning (on days when my partner/grandparents are around). It gives me the chance to escape, get some exercise and free my thoughts. I also try and organise to meet my friends once every 2 weeks, for some decent catch up time. I do have my “mum and baby” days with other mums but time away from the baby is much more relaxing.

3. Make time for you and your partner

A couple evening is also very important, you forget how much you and your partner need time alone. Not discussing about what bills to pay or working out the kids timetable, just time together having fun and enjoying each other’s company. So book a babysitter and look forward to time alone together.

4. Set lifetime goals for yourself and your future career

If there are things you want to do in the future, make a list & write them down. Just because you are a mum doesn’t mean your ambition has to be out the window. Being a stay at home mum isn’t for life, babies eventually grow, go to school, on to college and then are individuals who are no longer helpless and completely reliant on you. So there will be a time to fulfill your lifelong dreams. In the wonderful process of motherhood we can take small steps all the time to accomplish these dreams.
A happy mummy is far better for the family and far better for you.